55. Weltmeisterschaften
Estonia / 8. bis 14. Juli 2018

Dear rotarians,
This year we enjoyed a very warm welcome, fantastic venues with first class golf clubs, organization and people in Victoria, BC Canada and it was so nice to meet so many of you.
It is my great pleasure to host you all in Tallinn for the IGFR 55th World Championship. Tallinn was suggested by the IGFR committee to host the IGFR WCh after having great success with the IGFR European Championship at 2011 and I am very pleased to announce that the organizing committee is exactly the same as at 2011; even the opera man Neeme the Swingking is in place. The organizing committee and rotarians from Tallinn Old Town and Tallinn Rotary Club are doing their best to make your stay in Estonia a memorable one and you are all very welcome!
Join golfing rotarians, partners and guests at World Championship event!
Estonia welcomes you 8-14 July 2018!

Urmas Isok
Event Chair: IGFR 2018 Estonia


4-7 JUL – Pretours
7 JUL, Saturday – Arrival
17.00 IGFR Committee meeting and cocktails
8 JUL, Sunday – Practice round
17.00 players meeting/ IGFR news/ Opening Ceremony/ cocktails/ banner change
9 JUL, Monday – 4 Ball Competition/ Evening: know the locals (home hospitality)/ Partners program
10 JUL, Tuesday – World Ch, golfing partners and guests 1st round/ Evening: Sea Harbour Museum/ Partners program
11 JUL, Wednesday – Free day
12 JUL, Thursday – World Ch, golfing partners and guests 2nd round / Evening free/ Partners program
13 JUL, Friday – World Ch 3rd round/ Closing Ceremony/ Golf Opera Fore 2.0/ Partners program
14 JUL, Saturday – Bye Bye
14-17 JUL – Aftertours

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Fill in the registration form here:

REGISTRATION for golfing rotarian

REGISTRATION for partner

Last registration date and payment date is April 1st 2018.

Golfing rotarian; golfing partner and golfing guest per person 820 euros (includes green fees at competition days, trolley, lunch at golf club and beer, polo shirt, welcome and gala dinner, awards and culture program)
Non-golfing partner, non golfing guest 600 euros per person (includes culture program, polo shirt, welcome and gala dinner)
Registration fees should be paid to:
Event Masters Grupp OU, account no: EE862200221050842411, SWEDBANK AS, Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, SWIFT/BIC: HABAEE2X

Niitvälja Golf is the oldest golf course in the Baltics and celebrates it´s 25th season in 2017. There you can find 18-hole Park-course, five-hole PAR20 course, diverse opportunities for practice areas and professional golf clinics.

Estonian Golf and Country Club is regarded as Estonia’s finest golf venue and has taken its place in Golf World Magazine’s prestigious Top 100 European Courses. The venue comprises the 18-hole Championship Sea Course and 9-hole links-style Stone Course, both created within an ancient archeological site.

Our hotel partner is Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel.
You can find the rooms and prices HERE.
To book a room please contact Tallink Spa Hotel reservations department mentioning the code »RotaryGolf« by e-mail hotelbooking@tallink.ee or by phone +372 6300808

You can go to St.Petersburg (Russia); Riga (Latvia) and Helsinki (Finland).
More information HERE. Registration to the tours HERE.
Deadline to make reservations 1.04.2018

You can find more information about the event from our website.
For further questions please contact rein.igfr2018tallinn@gmail.com.


56. Weltmeisterschaften
Hamburg / 26. bis 31. Mai 2019

Hamburg Calling
Herzlich willkommen in Hamburg zur 56. IGFR Rotary Golf-Weltmeisterschaft
Wir freuen uns auf viele Rotarierinnen und Rotarier mit ihren Partnerinnen und Partnern aus der ganzen Welt, die Spaß daran haben, sich der sportlich – fröhlichen Herausforderung zu stellen und dabei herzliche rotarische Freundschaft zu genießen. Und das in einer der schönsten Hafenstädte der Welt: Hamburg, das von internationalen Lonely Planet – Reiseexperten unter die Top 7 der »Best in Europe« gewählt wurde. Freuen sie sich auf großartige Golfplätze, ein schönes Golf-Hotel und eine herzliche Gastfreundschaft. Gönnen sie sich die Zeit für »unvergessliche Rotary Momente in Hamburg/Germany 2019!«


Der Turnier-Rein-Erlös geht an ein regionales und ein internationales Rotary Hilfsprojekt (»Six Areas of Focus«)

Rotary International World Convention 2019
Im direkten Anschluss an unsere Golf Weltmeisterschaft findet die RI World Convention Hamburg 2019 mit mehr als 25.000 Rotariern statt. Die beste Gelegenheit, auch am wichtigsten Rotary-Event eines Jahres teilnehmen zu können. Seien sie auch dazu herzlich willkommen.



54. Weltmeisterschaften
Victoria, Canada / 6. bis 12. August 2017

Dear All,
Thanks to an excellent organisation, including the fine weather, the participants enjoyed very much this years WC in Victoria. Many thanks go to Gerry Kelly and his team who made an excellent job. The participants from 22 nations from all over the world appreciated the friendliness and kindness of the canadian people. 

You can find the leader board list and pictures from this event on their web site: http://www.igfr2017.ca/
1st Division (0 to 14,0 Hcp.- the only division playing medal play, gross and the world champion can only be from this division)

The World champion 2017 is Rot. Robin Punches from the US, who won over Gianni Baratto from Italy in a shoot-out on the mountain course in Bear Mountain. Both are excellent players with single- digit hcps. and were equal after the three rounds with 242 points gross, each. This happened for the first time in the 54-year-history of IGFR. Instead of making a play off, the organizers opted for a shoot-out with only one stroke each, to play  from some 110 yd. away from the the pin of the last hole. Both demonstrated their skills with perfect back spin strokes, the balls of both players landed near the pin. Robin won by about 2 feet. Congratulations to Robin for the win of the Carl Miller-Trophy and Gianni for being the runner up.
Rot. Marianne Welti from Switzerland led the lady Rotarians with a 3-rounds-score of 269 points, gross, finishing the tournament on the excellent 6th place in the first Division. The most steady male player in this division  was Stuart Katz from Arizona, USA, with three rounds of 90 on difficult courses at Bear Mountains. Congratulations also to these players/participants. Both are LT members of IGFR. 
2nd Division – Rotarians:
1.st – Bob Plumb, USA – 112 points net stableford
2nd – Antti Virtanen, Finland, 111 points net stableford
3rd –  Anne Van Buel, Switzerland, 107 points
3rd Division- Rotarians Seniors 
1. Ross Ellis, Australia  – 124 points net stableford
2. Andy Edgar, Scotland – 123 points net stableford
3. Charles Zaugg, Switzerland – 120 points net stableford
Partners and Guest Division ( 2-days competition):
1st. – Lynn Shin, USA – 78 points net stableford
2nd – Christa Pickel, Germany – 73 points net stableford
3rd – Dany Orth, South Africa –  73 points net stableford
4th – Christoph Welti, Switzerland  – 73 points net stableford
 Hole-in-one competition:
The organizers had the foresight to offer every day during the world championship to win either a car with a value of Can.$ 30’000.00 or a cash prize of Can.S 10’000.00, for a hole-in-one.
 All golfers were very much motivated on the two golf courses, mountain and valley course at Bear Mountains.
 The long-time LT-member and participant at world championships, Erling Johnsen from Bergen, Norway, on the day before his 85th birthday,  on Friday 12.8.2017, was skilled and lucky enough to make a hole-in-one on the difficult mountain course, on hole 16, length 162 yards, very much downhill with deep slopes. Congratulations, Erling will make a donation with a part of the « prize-money » to IGFR International. He was also generous enough to offer his flights, the flights before and after  drinks in commemoration of his outstanding performance. Thank you Earling and many more holes-in-one! see attached some photographs.
Many photographs from the week of golf and fellowship in Victoria can be found on the web site of: 

The traditional  4 BBB on Monday was won with a fabulous score of 50 stableford points by the team (computer chooses partners) of 
Blaise Matthey from Switzerland and Carl Heinz Duisberg from South Africa, followed by the team of Eric Shannon from the USA and Charles Zaugg from Switzerland with 49 points stableford.
In 3rd place was the team of: Christa Pickel from Germany and Antti Virtanen from Finland with 48 points

The nation’s cup was won by Australia with 343 points consisting of the team of Ross Ellis, Alan Greig and Rob Motteram
2. USA with the following team: Paul Dougan, Bob Plumb and Jay Shin, with a score of 338 points total
3. Switzerland with the following team: PDG Charles Zaugg, Anne Van Buel,  Pierre Henchoz – reached a score of 331.

Let us hope that next year some new nations will be among the leading countries. It should be remembered that the more members represent a nation the better are the chances to win a prize.
Sincere congratulations to all winners of the trophees.
The following countries had the highest  number of participants from the 22 participating nations,  Rotarians and Non-Rotarians combined:
        35 USA 
        19 Switzerland
        16 Germany
        14 Australia
Gerry Kelly, Randy G.Decksheimer and the entire team deserve our warmest thanks for a great job done. The dozens of helpers on the two golf courses were particularly impressive together with the professional helpers/staff from the the two golf courses.
Canadian courtesy at its best!
The opening ceremony of the 54th IGFR world championship took place on Sunday evening 6.8.17 with the presence of many officials from the town Victoria and the state B.C. and also from the Rotary district of B.C. The opening ceremony preceded the players meeting and the annual general meeting of IGFR, also at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Victoria. 
On Tuesday evening 8.8.2017 a buffet diner was hosted by the Lieutenant Governor of British Colombia at Government House and Grounds,  at one of the nicest places in Victoria. Excellent reception with a speech of the Lieutenant Governor who seems to be also very knowledgeable about Rotary projects. For information purposes the Governor General is residing in Ottawa and is the representative of the Queen in Canada.
The farewell diner and the presentation of Tallinn 2018 took place on Friday evening at the Bear Mountain Hotel. The electronic registration for Tallinn 2018 is now open. 
Web site info and registration: www.igfr2018estonia.ee
 Victoria good bye, Tallinn welcome
  Oscar J. Kneubuehler 
  Executive Secretary IGFR International 


53. Weltmeisterschaften
Rotterdam / 10. bis 16. Juli 2016

Ein Österreicher, Robert MEIER, wurde Weltmeister der rotarischen Golfer bei der IGFR Weltmeisterschaft in Rotterdam – bester Bruttospieler der Meisterschaft! Erster im Nettospiel, der Kat. A nennt sich der Kroate Zelimir FEITL Die Nationenwertung geht an die Schweiz.


Nur zwei Österreicher nahmen an der Veranstaltung teil, Robert Meier und IGFR Präsident Gerhard Resch. Leider fand die Veranstaltung mit nur 140 Teilnehmern aus 22 verschiedenen Nationen statt. Hauptquartier des Turniers war das ehemalige Linienschiff SS Rotterdam.

Die »Flag rising« fand vor dem Rathaus in Rotterdam statt. Cocktail-Empfang im Rathaussaal mit Begrüßung der Vertreter der Stadt Rotterdam. Eröffnet wurde das Turnier durch IGFR Präsident Gerhard RESCH.


Gespielt wurde auf sehr schönen anspruchsvollen Golfplätzen. Am Dienstag fand der »frienship evening« statt. Der Abend wurde vom Rotary Club Riddenhik de Wal organisiert. Es war ein sehr gelungener Abend mit ausgezeichneter Stimmung in einem großen Privatpark am Rande von Rotterdam. Die Organisation war mit einem Wort »PERFEKT«.


Am Mittwoch fand eine sehr interessante und lehrreiche Besichtigung des Hafens von Rotterdam statt (einer der größten Häfen der Welt). Der Abschlussabend am Freitag mit Preisverteilung, war leider nicht vergleichbar mit den letzten Veranstaltungen. Der ungeeignete Veranstaltungssaal, die viel zu langen Reden und die absolut zu ausführliche Preisverteilung verärgerten einige Teilnehmer.


Leider haben sich die Organisatoren nicht an die IGFR Rules und Regulations gehalten. Trotzdem war die Veranstaltung ein Fest der rotarischen Golfer.


52th IGFR Weltmeisterschaft in Belek
Belek-Türkei / 19. – 25. Aprin 2015

Wir Österreicher sind stolz – Robert Meier –bester Spieler dieser IGFR Veranstaltung

12 Österreicher nahmen an der IGFR Weltmeisterschaft in Belek-Türkei teil und waren äußerst erfolgreich. Großer Star war Robert Meier der in der Gruppe 1 –brutto, das beste Ergebnis aller Teilnehmer erzielte. Mit 246 Brutto Punkten siegte er vor dem Weltmeister Zelimir Feitl /Kroatien) – 249 Punkte
Feitl gewann die netto Wertung. Nach den Spielregeln von IGFR ist Weltmeister der netto Sieger.
Wir finden diese Regelung unfair und wir werden alles unternehmen um hier eine sportlich korrekte Wertung in Zukunft zu erreichen. Der beste Spieler soll auch Weltmeister sein, erklärte Präsident Gerhard Resch.

Die besten Österreicher
Division 1 – brutto Zählwettspiel 1. Robert Meier 246
4. Peter Kirchler 258
5. Christian Kranl 262

Division 1 – netto Zählwettspiel 3. Robert Meier 234
4. Peter Kirchler 236

Division 2- brutto Zählwettspiel 25. Herbert Jakober 35
netto 16. Peter Weissengruber 82

Division 3 – brutto Stableford 8. Nico Cosulich 28
netto Stableford 10. Nico Cosulich 82

Partner – btto 2. Norma Rieder 25
Ntto 1. Norma Rieder 70
3. Verena Schwaiger 69

Die Veranstaltung war ein großer Erfolg. Ein Fest der Freundschaft mit tollen Veranstaltungen, einem sehr schönen Hotel und excellenten Golfplätzen. Die Freundlichkeit der Türken war großartig. Besten Dank dem Hauptverantwortlichen der Veranstaltung und gleichzeitig Hoteldirektor des Luxushotels Regnum- unserem Hauptquartier- Hakan Duran.

Anläßlich der Generalversammlung legte Robert Motteram (Australien) seine Funktion als Incoming Präsident zurück. Gerhard Resch wurde gebeten diese Funktion zu übernehmen. Er wurde mit großer Mehrheit gewählt und wird ab 1.1.2016 das Amt als Weltpräsident von IGFR an. Er ist der erste Österreicher in dieser Funktion seit 50 Jahren.

Insgesamt besuchten 170 Rotarier aus 22 Ländern weltweit an der Veranstaltung teil. Hauptsponsor der Veranstaltung war Seiko Watches und Regnum Cary Golf und Spa Resort.



51th World Championship 2014
Adelaide-Australien / 18. – 24. Mai 2014

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to 51st IGFR tour down under to South Australia in 2014.
We have planned an amazing week of Golf, Fellowship and Networking! With lots of activities for Golfers and Non Golfers! Whether you are coming down to play some great golf, or just to enjoy a holiday, or both … this trip will be something you will cherish for ever! We look forward to seeing you here! We have streamlined the registration process for you, offering options to register for the Event, Accommodation and Tours all within our website! …

50th World Championship
Arzaga-Garda – Gardasee / 15. – 21. September 2013

Some 375 participants from 27 nations participated in September at the 50th IGFR world championship. Our friends from Italy did organize this championship very well on the four golf courses:
Direkt weiter zu den Ergebnislisten


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